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Sun. 10 Apr, 2022

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Mon. 11 Apr, 2022

Commissioner Meeting

Mon. 11 Apr, 2022 8:30 am - 3:00 pm


MADISON COUNTY COMMISSION AGENDA                                  Doug Smith         Todd Smith, Chairman       Brent Mendenhall



  Monday, April 11, 2022


             8:30 a.m.


Madison County Commission Room






8:30         Pledge of Allegiance


Calendar Discussion:

Next Commission Meeting,  April 25, 2022

Budget and Levy Training May 25, 2022

Spring Training – IAC

Budget Meetings in June

Schedule of Commissioners


                Discussion Items:

                                D7 lease with Bonneville County

                                ARPA/Covid Status

Enterprise Leasing

                                BOE Training

                                Trash blowing off trucks and pick-up

                Contracts/Documents:  Action Items   

                                Review and sign:  Notification of Budget Hearing

                                Review and sign:  D7 lease with Bonneville County

Review and sign    Resolution #480 To Destroy Old Records – Prosecutor’s Office

Review and sign:   Resolution #481 Declaration of Emergency Drought Declaration

                Routine Matters:  Action Items

                                 Review and sign:     Claims

Review and sign:     Commission meeting minutes and March 28, 2022.

Review and sign:     Personnel Actions

Certificates of Residency: As Received


 9:00        Public Comment


  9:05       Robert Kohler                          Water outlook

                Fremont – Madison Irrigation District    Drought Declaration


  9:30       Executive Session Idaho Code § 74-206(1) (b) employee matter and (f) pending litigation issues  


 10:00      Gary Armstrong/    Adopt the 2021 version of the Fire Code

                   Chief Child


10:45       Sam Butikofer         Morgue Trailer                                                                                                      


11:00       Department Head Work Meetings:          Assessor

                Tax Exemption        Elevation Management (ARPA funds $37,000)



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11:15       Department Head work meetings:         Fairgrounds                                                                                                                            


11:30       Sonnie Haws                                           Solid Waste

                Bid Award 914 loader, Fee increase discussion for commercial and household fees


11:45       Wade Kaufman                                       Snowmobile                                                          


Lunch Break


2:00         Celebration of 31 years of service for Cindy Roberson














































Time is provided at 9:00 a.m. for public comment at regular meetings only.  Comments limited to two (2) minutes each.  Please contact the County Clerk’s office if you wish to place an item on the agenda.  Please contact the Clerk’s office 48 hours prior to any County meetings if there is any special assistance needed for people planning to attend the meeting. It is assumed these scheduled times are accurate, if not; the Commissioners will adjust the schedule as accurately as possible.

Tue. 12 Apr, 2022

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Wed. 13 Apr, 2022

Public Hearing

Wed. 13 Apr, 2022 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Thu. 14 Apr, 2022

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Fri. 15 Apr, 2022

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Sat. 16 Apr, 2022

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