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Sun. 24 Jul, 2022

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Mon. 25 Jul, 2022

Commissioner Meeting

Mon. 25 Jul, 2022 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Commissioner's Meeting

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MADISON COUNTY COMMISSION AGENDA                                  Doug Smith         Todd Smith, Chairman       Brent Mendenhall



  Monday, July 25,  2022


8:30 a.m.


Madison County Commission Room




8:30         Pledge of Allegiance


Calendar Discussion:

Next Commission Meeting,  August 8, 2022

Schedule of Commissioners

                Discussion Items:

                                Hibbard Bridge parking issues, change from citation to infraction and

                                Report of District 6 meeting

                                Snowmobile Board  


                Contracts/Documents:  Action Items   

                                Review and sign:     Designate Polling locations for the August 30, 2022 School District Election

Review and sign:     State/Local Agreement Archer Hwy Curve Safety Improvements

Review and sign:     Beer/Wine License for Blisters

                Routine Matters:  Action Items

                                 Review and sign:     Claims

Review and sign:     Commission meeting minutes: July 11, 2022.

Review and sign:     Personnel Actions

Certificates of Residency: As Received


  9:00       Public Comment


  9:30       Executive Session Idaho Code § 74-206(1) (b) employee matters, and  (d) exempt records - Ann Marie Sorensen, Indigent Clerk


  10:00     Public Hearing         To consider the small-scale subdivision Silverwood Estates Subdivision

                Public Hearing        Regarding the request to consider the small-scale subdivision for Madison Meadows


10:30       David Decker           Fee change public hearing request for Building Department                               


11:00       Department Head Meeting Topics

                                Kirk Mace,  Training on evaluations

                                PTO time and VEBA at retirement

                                Tanja Harrison – Explanation of reconciliation on vendor accounts and claims discussion

                                David Babbitt,  TransAmerica Financial Advisors


11:45       Employee Recognition

                JD West - 20 years, Moni Havelange 15 years, Derek Fredericksen, Evan Wise, Rhonda Thompson, Jade Parker, Chase Curtis, Heidi

                Weimer, Bradley Peterson and Jason Brown 5 years                                                      





Meetings are open to the public except for executive sessions,  Time is provided at 9:00 a.m. for public comment at regular meetings only.  Comments limited to two (2) minutes each.  Please contact the County Clerk’s office if you wish to place an item on the agenda.  Please contact the Clerk’s office 48 hours prior to any County meetings if there is any special assistance needed for people planning to attend the meeting. It is assumed these scheduled times are accurate, if not; the Commissioners will adjust the schedule as accurately as possible. 

Tue. 26 Jul, 2022

There are no events on this day.

Wed. 27 Jul, 2022

Public Meeting

Wed. 27 Jul, 2022 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Wednesday July 27, 2022 6:30 PM
Madison County Commissioner’s Room

Applications for Consideration by Planning and Zoning Commission – July 27, 2022


6:30 p.m.          Welcome:                     Commission Chair, Sharon Oakey
                                                              Roll Call Attendance

                        Routine Business:         Approve July 13, 2022 Public Meeting Documents
                                                                          Meeting Minutes
                                                                          Findings of Fact
                                                                                   James West – Highfield Estates Preliminary Plat
                                                                          Findings of Fact
                                                                                   Misty Valley LLC – The Preserve at Henry’s Fork Phase II

6:35 p.m.        Public Hearings              July 27, 2022
                                                                         Preliminary Plat – Laine Parkinson
                                                                                   Debbie Lane Subdivision

                                                                         Preliminary Plat – Sunset Estates LLC
                                                                                   Sunset Estates Subdivision

7:00 p.m.         Adjourn:                        Commission Chair, Sharon Oakey
                                                                                   Upcoming Meetings:
August 24, 2022
      PZ Commission Meeting
      Edstrom Construction – Gravel Pit CUP


Please contact Madison County Planning and Zoning Office prior to any meeting if assistance is required for disabled persons
planning to attend.

Thu. 28 Jul, 2022

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Fri. 29 Jul, 2022

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Sat. 30 Jul, 2022

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