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Sun. 18 Dec, 2022

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Mon. 19 Dec, 2022

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Tue. 20 Dec, 2022

District 33 Grooming Meeting

Tue. 20 Dec, 2022 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

District 33 Grooming Meeting Agenda

December 20, 2022 @ 7:00 pm

Location: Madison County Courthouse


  1. Meeting minute approval 
  • November Minutes


  1. Public comment on agenda items posted
    1. Public
    2. Counties
    3. Sheriff Department
    4. State Park and Recreation
    5. Report from TVTAP on grooming shed in Teton County


  1. Action Items -
    1. Cat Maintenance updates
    2. Operator / Cat Drivers - Approval of Names needed


  1. Maps -
    1. Update on Maps Printed


  1. Open Discussion -


  1. Adjourn

Wed. 21 Dec, 2022

Commissioner Meeting

Wed. 21 Dec, 2022 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Commissioner's Meeting

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MADISON COUNTY COMMISSION AGENDA                                  Doug Smith         Todd Smith, Chairman       Brent Mendenhall



 Wednesday, December 21,  2022


8:30 a.m.


Madison County Commission Room





8:30         Breakfast at Red Rabbit Grill at 8:30 a.m. with Elected Officials and Legislators

                Pledge of Allegiance


Calendar Discussion:

                Next Commission Meetings:  January 9, 10 and 23, 2022

                Department Head meeting January 23, 2022

Schedule and reports of Commissioners

                Discussion Items:

                Quarterly Jail inspection, harassment training, digital timer

                Appointment of Hospital Board Members

Contracts/Documents:  Action Items   

                                Review and sign:   Annual Road Report

Review and sign:   Altura, CDBG Grant acceptance for new ambulance

Review and sign:   Vehicle Use Authorization forms

                Routine Matters:  Action Items

                                 Review and sign:     Claims, as presented by the Clerk

Review and sign:     Commission meeting minutes November 28 and December 12, :2022

Review and sign:     Personnel Actions

Certificates of Residency: As Received


Executive Session Idaho Code § 74-206(1) (b) employee matters,  and (j) contract matters, Rob Wood


 10:00      Public Comment


10:00       Gary Armstrong      Planning and Zoning matters to sign and approve:

                                                Final Plat for Laine Parkinson- Debbie Lane Subdivision and Chans Huskinson- Highfield Estates

                                                Small Scale Subdivision for Mitch Loveland – Ridgeview Estates

                                                Plat Amend w/minor changes for Bill Squires, Larsen Subdivision Plat Amendment

                                                CUP Findings of Fact for Madison County EIRSWD Landfill and CUP

                                                Findings of Fact for Madison for Edstrom’s Gravel Pit and CUP


10:30       Angie Moffat           Tax Cancellations


10:40       Cullin Sherman       Review and sign:  Contract for Prepared Live in conjunction with the current Rapid SOS Premium System


10:45       Shawn Boice           Tax Cancellations

                Tammy Erickson      Winter wellness challenge


11:00       Thank you for your service celebration for Commissioner Doug Smith


12:30       Bradley Petersen    Flood Plain report,   Review and sign:  Contract for Rumsey Engineering


Meetings are open to the public except for executive sessions,  Time is provided at 9:00 a.m. for public comment at regular meetings only.  Comments limited to two (2) minutes each.  Please contact the County Clerk’s office if you wish to place an item on the agenda.  Please contact the Clerk’s office 48 hours prior to any County meetings if there is any special assistance needed for people planning to attend the meeting. It is assumed these scheduled times are accurate, if not; the Commissioners will adjust the schedule as accurately as possible. 

Thu. 22 Dec, 2022

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Fri. 23 Dec, 2022

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Sat. 24 Dec, 2022

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