COVID-19 Community Partners Press Release




Contact:               Scott Johnson, Public Relations, City of Rexburg

Address:              35 North 1st East, Rexburg, ID 83440

Phone:                 208.372.2129 

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First Case of COVID-19 Confirmed in Eastern Idaho


Eastern Idaho Public Health has confirmed the first positive case of COVID-19 in an adult under the age of 60 in Madison County.


This individual contracted COVID-19 in the course of travel to an area outside of Idaho. The individual is home recovering from symptoms and did not require hospitalization. Epidemiologists with East Idaho Public Health will determine reasonable risk criteria for locations visited by this patient and any close contacts of that individual who were possibly exposed. If other people are found to have possibly been exposed, health officials will provide guidance to them and will monitor them closely for symptoms.


Rexburg Mayor Jerry Merrill speaking on behalf of Madison COVID-19 taskforce partners explained that “community leaders have been preparing and working together on this issue since the first notifications of COVID-19.  You can take confidence in knowing that we have planned for this day as well as the coming weeks.  All essential county and city services remain fully functional and we do not anticipate that changing.”


Community leaders ask that community members do their part in helping to minimize the impact that COVID-19 is causing to the community. Leaders urge residents to shop responsibly and look to the needs of their neighbors. “At this time, we need to be good community members,” says County Commissioner Jon Weber. “We can all work together to minimize the impact on our community.”


The Centers for Disease Control and East Idaho Pubic Health Agency have outlined guidelines to help minimize exposure to COVID-19. Please refer to their websites for more information.


“It is our utmost concern that you and your families are safe and cared for. As government leaders work together with community members, we are confident that the effects of the virus will be lessened on this great community,” said Mayor Merrill.

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