Declarations of Candidacy

Declarations of Candidacy for:

City of Rexburg

Luke S. Walker

Brad Wolfe

Crystal A. Hill

Kelly H. McKamey

Colin D. Erickson

Jacob S. Flamm

Mikel D. Walker

Greg Blacker

Robert E. Chambers


City of Sugar City

4Year Term

Catherine H. Nielsen

Connie D. Fogle


2Year Term

Timothy J. Frogue

Glenn H. Dayley




Madison School District Trustee

Brian Pyper Trustee Zone 2

Kevin Howell Trustee Zone 5


Sugar Salem School District Trustee

Julaine Blaser Trustee Zone 1

Whitney Y Crapo Trustee Zone 5

Kristen A. Galbraith Trustee Zone 4

Elaine K. King Trustee Zone 4


Jefferson School District Trustee

Leanna M. Poole


Madison County Fire Commissioner

Kenneth S. Anderson District 3


Central Fire District

James R. Duel  Zone 2

Michael C. Miller District Zone 1


Teton- Newdale Cemetery Board Member

Christopher Dillon Klingler

Berniece Siddoway

Sugar Salem Cemetery Board Member

Lawrence E. Nielsen


Plano Cemetery Board Member

Jamey D. Hymas


Burton Cemetery Board Member

Morgan W. Beattie


Rexburg Cemetery Board Member

Steven Riding

Mark Rudd


Sutton Cemetery Board Member

Mel R. Mortensen

Barbara A. Smith