Request for Proposals for Engineering Services


Madison County is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to provide engineering services required to provide a working analysis and evaluation for the Lyman Creek Levees. 


Currently, The Lyman Creek Flood Control Channel and Levees are listed as non-accredited, but are still listed as hydraulically significant and will not allow a 1% flood to overtop its banks.  Because of these levees and spillway, in 1996 FEMA approved a LOMR (case number: 96-10-106P) and approved a floodplain boundary delineation that removed a large portion of Madison County from the 1% floodplain.  Because these levees are not currently accredited, the current modeling effort taking place will likely cause this region of the county to be at risk of being placed back in the 1% floodplain.  


1. Provide working analyses and data to assist with the current FEMA Risk Mapping modeling effort, taking place for the Upper Snake River Watersheds, to ensure the most accurate information is used.
2. Provide accurate and critical information on the Lyman Creek Levees and flood control channel so decisions can be made for mitigation projects to allow for accreditation.
The scope of work is anticipated to include: 
A hydrology study of the Lyman Creek Flood Control Channel and Levee Flood Control Project to determine hydraulic capacity.
A hydraulic Study of the Lyman Creek Levee showing the output to river.
Provide documentation on Levees’ NFIP status based on the CFR 65.10, and identify mitigation opportunities.
Report requirements for evaluation of feasibility of Lyman Creek Levees for potential accreditation, allowing County Commissioners and other partners to make informed decisions.
Develop plan for potential accreditation
Respondents will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 
15 points: Capability to Perform Project. Provide a description of:
o The firm's history.
o Areas of expertise.
o Office locations, and where the study will be based.
o Commitment to provide necessary resources to perform and complete project.
25 points: Qualifications of Project Team
o Identify proposed project team and describe the role of each team member.
o Provide a description of the qualifications and experience for each person on the proposed project team.
25 points: Relevant Project Experience.
o Provide at least one description of a similar projects performed by the proposed project team, include references.
25 points: Project Approach and Schedule.
o Discuss how you propose to approach this project.
o Based on your preliminary review, what potential issues do you see, and what potential solutions do you think may warrant consideration?
o Provide a proposed schedule to complete the study.
10 points: Local Familiarity and Presence.
o Discuss how the location of your proposed project team and its familiarity with the County will aid in successful completion of the project.
Award will be made to the most qualified firm whom is deemed most advantageous to Madison County Idaho, all evaluation criteria considered. 
The County will select a firm based on the information provided in the proposal, as described above. However, the County may select one or more firms to make brief presentations covering the information listed above prior to finalizing proposal scoring and making a final selection.  
For any questions or comments, contact Bradley Petersen at (208) 359-6259 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Proposals should be directed to: Bradley Petersen, Floodplain Administrator, Madison County, 134 E Main, Rexburg, Idaho 83440. All responses must be received by 12:00 noon on November 4, 2020.  
Please state "Madison County Engineering Services Proposal" on the outside of the response package. Firm must provide three (3) paper copies of the Proposal and a searchable electronic copy in pdf format on a USB flash drive. 
Emailed proposals will not be accepted.  Proposal shall be limited to a front and back cover, a cover letter, and no more than 12 single-sided pages of text including all attachments. Minimum 11 pt. font. 
Madison County reserves the right to negotiate an agreement based on fair and reasonable compensation for the scope of work and services proposed, as well as the right to reject any and all responses deemed unqualified, unsatisfactory or inappropriate.