Tri-County Probation

The Tri-County Probation Department serves as an instrument for adult misdemeanor offenders in Madison, Fremont and Clark Counties in executing supervised probation to those so ordered by the courts within these respective counties which are part of the Seventh Judicial District of the State of Idaho. 
As the primary sentencing disposition of the justice system affecting adult misdemeanor offenders within the tri-county area, Tri-County Probation is best positioned strategically to contribute to public safety and community well being to the communities we serve. It is well known in the criminal justice community that offenders do not care about geographical boundaries and the burden placed on any one county is very costly. Therefore, Tri-County Probation was developed and established by local magistrates, commissioners, and other elected officials and/or leaders of Madison, Fremont and Clark Counties. Tri-County Probation was developed on the concept of combining resources from each county in a cost effective way of addressing problems in our communities. Tri-County Probation occupies an important role between law enforcement and human services. It is invested with wide-ranging leverage to influence the conduct of offenders. Its strength lies in its authority and capacity to repair broken lives and hold offenders accountable for the harm their actions have caused to victims and communities in the Tri-County area. The breadth of its authority allows it to impose significant and demanding accountability from offenders under supervision. Tri-County Probation takes a leadership role in forming significant partnerships with others: law enforcement, the courts, human service agencies, community and neighborhood groups, the faith community, and local stakeholders, Tri-County Probation strengthens immeasurably its capacity to provide effective intervention relative to public safety and offender reform. 
Our Mission Statement:
The primary mission of Tri-County Probation is to pro-actively monitor adult misdemeanor offenders to ensure public safety and hold them accountable to court ordered sanctions. It is also the mission of our department to help reduce the number of those who would otherwise re-offend without intervention or mitigating the risks for re-offense by directing and assisting probationers in personal and community adjustment. As a community service agency, Tri-County Probation is committed to working with the courts, law enforcement agencies, community resources, leaders and victim advocates to enhance community safety and to facilitate offenders' rehabilitation.

Department Core Values Statement
Fundamental to our success are these Core Values: 
UNITY: We work together, as one department, to accomplish our mission for the respective counties we serve. 
RESPECT: We take personal responsibility for treating employees, probationers, victims, and all others with respect and fairness in all our interactions. 
INTEGRITY: We commit ourselves to maintaining the public's trust and creating public value by adhering to the moral, ethical, judicial, and legislative codes that govern the operation of our department.
DIVERSITY: We appreciate the cultural differences of the communities we serve and the value gained from having a professional staff that is committed to treating those we serve with decency and fairness. 
COMMUNICATION: We foster and support a work environment where information is openly shared, ideas are freely discussed and collaboration with community partners occurs. 
INNOVATION: Promote and enhance public safety, ensure victims' rights, and facilitate the pro-social behavior change of adult probationers. 

Our Staff:

Director of Probation:
Kirk Mace

Drug Court Coordinator:
Ryan Brown

Adult Probation Officers:
James Hymas: Chief Probation Officer (Fremont County)
Greg Malstrom: Probation Officer (Madison/Clark Counties) 
Ben Mattson: Probation Officer (Drug/Mental Health Courts)